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Mini Air Humidifier

Mini Air Humidifier

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        Want to remove harmful particles In indoor space? 

Mini Air Humidifier Is a perfect fit for you, everyone wants to breath fresh. This will satisfy you in every way possible.



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Helps with dust and pet dander.

                    Dust and Pet dander builds up after time. With this Mini                              Air humidifier you don't have to worry about the dust and                               pet dander because the Mini Air humidifier eliminates it!                              


                  Relieves symptoms Of asthma, reduces the risk                                                                              of airborne disease

           Sleeping with the Mini Air Humidifier on, is good long term for your health!  


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                                            Reduces Odor and Snoring! 

Who doesn't want there room to smell good ? Have a significant other or room mate that snores turning the device on at night reduces snoring up to 65%!

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Very High efficient. Using it is so simple, very easy to use. Last for approximately 6 hours, Can change up with different scents. Does not break fast is it a long term investment. can filter 99.97 percent of particles down to 0.1 microns.this air purifier was one of only four models tested that scored an “Excellent” for removing particles at both the highest and lowest speeds. 


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